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Shark City Naturals is a family owned and operated, all-natural cosmetics company based out of Norfolk, Virginia. The products were initially created to combat adverse reactions from products made with unknown substances for our large family of ten but it quickly evolved into our flourishing business that sells a variety of beauty products made with wholesome ingredients. At Shark City Naturals, total wellness is our top priority, our products contain high-quality butters and essential oils while being offered at a competitive market price.

Norfolk is known as "Shark City" and we coined the term for our company name because our area is so culturally diverse yet Norfolk natives constantly pour their love and support into small businesses, such as ours. Without that support, we could never exist and our company embodies that same spirit by in turn providing the public with the information and accessibility to products that contribute to proper skin/hair care.

All of the products are manufactured and distributed by our company and are currently available for purchase in Military Circle Mall (Norfolk, VA), and 100 w 21st Street (Norfolk, VA)

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