What is CBD?

Cannabidol, or CBD ,is a substance derived from a cannabis plant. Unlike it's notorious counterpart THC, cannabidol does not have any psychoactive effects on the body. Studies have shown that using CBD as a dietary supplement can alleviate minor body pain, lower stress levels, and contribute to managing anxiety, as well as depression. In recent years, CBD has grown increasingly popular as some people have shifted to a holistic approach to treating chronic ailments. It is most commonly found in oil form but here at Shark City Naturals, we use a CBD isolate that is 99.99% pure. Full spectrum CBD oil is impure and can contain other subtances such as THC and THCA, we made the conscious effort to use our pure isolate so that our consumers can achieve the benefits from using CBD without being potentially being exposed to unknown elements. By using nanotechnology, our CBD isolate has immediate bioavailability at the cellular level when ingested, which means its effects are nearly instantaneous. We also strategically integrated CBD into our fast-absorbing Triple Body Butter to ensure fast results when applied topically. Shop around the website and discover all the creative ways we've incorporated CBD into everyday products!

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